The Las Animas High School has an organization that is very popular around the world. It is called FBLA, which stands for Future Business Leaders of America. Many people ask what FBLA is, a good definition is: FBLA is to promote an environment in which business oriented students can improve those talents which will better their future. FBLA helps develop vocational and career supportive competencies and promotes civic and personal responsibility. This organization helps students in many different learning skills they will need in life to succeed. Such as: meeting new people, learning how to dress/act professional, and different business ethics.

Our chapter advisor is tremendous; she works hard and pushes us to become the best that we can be. She wants us to succeed after high school, which is very good for all of us to have an advisor that cares about us all. Our chapter advisor is Addie Wallace. This year we have a great team of officers, they are all very excited about this year and work very hard. Our President is Paige Ridley, Vice President Justice Pryor, Secretary is Monee Crosswhite, and last but not least our Historian/Reporter is Shane Smith. This year we have a total of thirty-three members.

This year our chapter is very excited. We have many new members from different grades. Everyone has participated in all the fundraisers that we have done. We have done homecoming mums, spook-o-grams, and Scensty selling. We have raised a good amount of money on all of them. We are getting money for districts and state. All of the members choose an event that they want to test over. Then we all go to districts and in some events its top three in others its top two who get to go on to state. If you make it to state you take another test, and same thing as districts, top three or top two can qualify for nationals. We all hope to make it as far as we can and to learn as much knowledge as possible so that we can help our chapter stand out to other schools that we really do have a strong FBLA organization.